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Project partners N. Osma and T. Packard attend REMAIN-AMT Workshop at UEA

Isabel Seguro

The REMAIN-AMT wokshop took place on the second week of February at UEA hosted by Carol Robinson and Isabel Seguro. Natalia Osma is a project partner based at IMO (Millenium Institute of Oceanography, Chile) and visited UEA for two weeks to contribute with the ETS data from the AMT28 cruise. Ted Packard is also external project partners of REMAIN. Ted is based in ULPG (Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain) and joined the workshop to contribute with interpretation and ideas. Final REMAIN-AMT meeting and presentation was attended by all either in person or videoconference. We thank our visitors for attending a very intense and productive workshop. Keep on eye to publications to find out more about our findings!


From left to right: Isabel Seguro (UEA), Natalia Osma (IMO), Cecilia Liszka (BAS), Erik Buitenhuis (UEA), Ted Packard (ULPG). Photo by C. Robinson.

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