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I. Seguro visiting project partner S. Giovannoni at OSU

Isabel Seguro

Steve Giovannoni is a project partner based at Oregon State University, USA. He is the world expert in the growth and manipulation of SAR11 clade bacteria, the most abundant marine heterotroph. Isabel visited OSU to learn how to culture in artificial seawater this special bacteria that has unusual nutrient requirements. She also carry out experiments on bacteria respiration and will introduce this tecnique to UEA.


Isabel Seguro at OSU constant temperature lab


Some of the Giovannoni's Lab team members at the entrance of the Department of Microbiology. From left to right: Seb Singleton, Chih Ping Lee, Isabel Seguro, Sarah Wolf, Chris Suffridge.


From left to right: Steve Giovannoni, Christopher Suffridge, Sarah Wolf, James Fox, Seb Singleton, Chih Ping Lee, Isabel Seguro.

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