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I. Seguro visiting project partners N. Osma and I. Fernández at IMO

Isabel Seguro

Natalia Osma & Igor Fernández have many years of experience using ETS and enzyme kinetic modelling, gained whilst completing their PhD in the laboratory of T. Packard and M. Gómez. Natalia and Igor will undertake the ETS and EKM measurements from AMT samples, while Isabel is visiting IMO (Millenium Institute of Oceanography, Chile) to learn this technique.


Natalia Osma, Isabel Seguro & Igor Fernández

I. Seguro visiting "Dichato's Lab"

Screenshot 2019-04-06 at 09.38.05.png

 This Lab is run by Dr. Ruben Escribano ( It is located in the town of Dichato (Bahía Coliumo), approximately 40 kilometers north of Concepción. Although it was destroyed during the earthquake and tsunami in February 2010, part of its facilities have been rebuilt since December 2014. The station has a classroom, laboratories and aquariums for teaching, seminars, workshops, courses and training .

Isabel Seguro in UdeC, Dichato, Chile

Natalia and Igor count with the knowledge and the facilities to analyse the ETS, protein, and pyridine nucleotide analysis mainly in IMO, but they also count with access to the falicities in The Laboratory of Experimental Marine Biology, Oceanography Department, University of Concepcion, which Isabel had the opportunity to visit during her stay (side photo).

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